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Back Scratchers

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When you have an itch, nothing is more satisfying than scratching that spot. When those itches are just out of your reach, it can be unbearable. Here you will find back scratchers that extend to the length you need. Back scratcher combinations are also available for your convenience. The back scratchers not only relieves itching, but also assists you in putting on your shoes. Do not suffer another moment by trying to scratch your back against the wall. Instead, check out our great selection of back scratchers today!

2 In 1 Back Scratcher & Shoe Horn

Wholesale 2 In 1 Back Scratcher & Shoe Horn Price: $26.63

Perfect for hard to reach places, this 2 in 1 Back Scratcher & Shoe Horn...

Four Prong Back Scratcher

Wholesale Four Prong Back Scratcher Price: $26.63

The perfect tool for getting rid of itches in those hard-to-reach places, this...

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