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Body Wash & Lotion

Enjoy feeling and smelling good with body wash and lotion. These are essential needs for every woman and man! Get that great cleanse you need with body wash, and follow up by keeping your skin soft with lotion. Especially in the winter it is important to keep your skin moisturized, as your skin dries out quicker because of the weather. Body wash and lotion will give you that great scent you desire after getting out of the shower. Enjoy smelling fresh and clean. Body wash and lotion also make great gifts. Give them together as a set for your friend's birthday party or bridal shower. You can't go wrong with these items!

Body Mist Spray Assorted Scents 2.7 Oz

Wholesale Body Mist Spray Assorted Scents 2.7 Oz Price: $13.04

Before heading out to school spritz onto the body to leave your skin lightly...

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