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Electric Hair Trimmers

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Saving time is important, if you are looking to cut your shaving time in half, than here is something for you! The Electric hair Trimmers are design to keep you moving along with your normal day, and these trimmers are portable. If you are looking for a clean cut shave with less pain these Trimmers will make a perfect fit in your life. After each shave you are sure to have a smooth surface that will leave you satisfied! No more rough edges on your behalf, it’s time to put this blade to work, to make your skin feel like it's alive again, then you are able to share this look with your family and friends.

All In One Multi-groom Trimmer

Wholesale All In One Multi-groom Trimmer Price: $28.61

With four trim levels and convenient size, the All-in-One Trimmer makes a handy...

Electric Shaver With LED

Wholesale Electric Shaver With LED Price: $15.06

This Electric Shaver with LED light is perfect for an ultra-close smooth shave....

Battery Operated Women's Portable Trimmer

Wholesale Battery Operated Women's Portable Trimmer Price: $26.08

Perfectly remove unwanted eyebrow and fine hair quickly and easily with this...

Nose & Ear Portable Trimmer

Wholesale Nose & Ear Portable Trimmer Price: $22.70

No more scissors! The Nose & Ear Portable Trimmer effectively eliminates...

Brazilian Wax Refill For All Skin Types

Wholesale Brazilian Wax Refill For All Skin Types Price: $19.79

Help yourself keep your body smooth and hairless for beach days, swimming...

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