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Hair Brushes

Do you need to brush your hair several times a day? But don't have a brush handy at all times? Could you use a combination brush/ compact mirror? Or how about a brush, comb and mirror set? Or perhaps you want that "Swiss Army" vibe, and would like a brush that has a built-in mirror? Look no further, here is a variety of brushes to meet your every need. From the full sized, simple paddle style brush, to the small and compact brush with a pop-up mirror attached, you can have it all. Want to change your looks from time to time? There's even a brush for helping to spread color around evenly. Whatever your wants, these brushes have you covered. Functional, durable brushes that will help you keep your hair looking it's best!

Compact Hair Brush

Wholesale Compact Hair Brush Price: $17.52

Easily comb through tangles and smooth hair with this Compact Hair Brush...

Hair Pick 1pc

Wholesale Hair Pick 1pc Price: $11.12

Great for everyday use. Hair pick has smooth rounded tips to protect the scalp...

Hair Brush & Comb Set

Wholesale Hair Brush & Comb Set Price: $32.58

Perfect for home or professional use, this Hair Brush & Comb Set is made with...

Paddle Hair Brush

Wholesale Paddle Hair Brush Price: $32.58

Perfect for gentle grooming, this Paddle Hair Brush features a soft rubber air...

Hair Brush With Mirror Countertop Display

Wholesale Hair Brush With Mirror Countertop Display Price: $40.91

Untangle your hair with this 2 in 1 Hair Brush with a Mirror. The brush can be...

Paddle Hair Brushes & Wide Tooth Comb Set

Wholesale Paddle Hair Brushes & Wide Tooth Comb Set Price: $25.86

Great for everyday use on all types of hair, this 3-piece Hair Brushes & Comb...

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