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Have fun keeping your nails clean, smooth, and well groomed. Grab your files and clipper sets and begin grooming. You will love the look and feel of your nails when you take care of them properly. Get your emery boards, toe nail clippers, and pedicure sets. Nail tools are made for both your fingernails or toenails. Make sure you choose the proper tools for each, and get started clipping and filing. Whether you like your nails short or longer, you are sure to love the help that nail tools will offer you in either case. You deserve to have nice nails!

5 Piece Glitter-on Pedicure Set

Wholesale 5 Piece Glitter-on Pedicure Set Price: $24.24

5 piece glitter-on pedicure set

Mini Battery Operated Manicure Kit

Wholesale Mini Battery Operated Manicure Kit Price: $28.85

Easily keep your nails looking salon perfect with this Mini Battery Operated...

Battery Operated Nail Buffer Set

Wholesale Battery Operated Nail Buffer Set Price: $22.51

Get amazing results with this Battery Operated Nail Buffer Set - the perfect and...

Nail Brush Set

Wholesale Nail Brush Set Price: $20.90

Help remove impurities from hands and nails with this 3-piece Nail Brush Set...

Cuticle Pusher & Trimmer

Wholesale Cuticle Pusher & Trimmer Price: $21.54

Get long nails by pushing back your cuticles with this cuticle pusher and trimmer...

Nail Clipper & File Set

Wholesale Nail Clipper & File Set Price: $15.66

Great for travel and everyday use, this compact 2-piece Nail Clipper & File...

Foot Smoother Set

Wholesale Foot Smoother Set Price: $24.72

Ideal for removing dead skin, calluses and smoothing rough areas from sides and...

Pedicure Spa System Set With Spin Brush

Wholesale Pedicure Spa System Set With Spin Brush Price: $21.43

Pamper your feet with this salon quality 14-piece Pedicure Spa System Set...

Ladies Manicure & Grooming Set

Wholesale Ladies Manicure & Grooming Set Price: $32.19

Great for at home or on the go, this 18-piece Ladies Manicure & Grooming Set...

Perfect Pedicure System Set

Wholesale Perfect Pedicure System Set Price: $19.58

Keep feet in tip top condition with this Perfect Pedicure System Set. A quick...

Manicure Beauty Set

Wholesale Manicure Beauty Set Price: $35.21

Ideal for both manicures and pedicures, this 3-piece Manicure Beauty Set comes...

Six-Way Nail Buffer

Wholesale Six-Way Nail Buffer Price: $13.11

Leave hands looking professionally manicured with this Six-Way Nail Buffer!...

Manicure Drying Machine

Wholesale Manicure Drying Machine Price: $21.17

No more long wait for polish to dry with this convenient, easy to use Manicure...

Toenail Clipper

Wholesale Toenail Clipper Price: $24.40

Perfect for keeping nails well-groomed, this chrome-plated toenail clipper is...

Manicure Set With Stylish Floral Carrying Case

Wholesale Manicure Set With Stylish Floral Carrying Case Price: $22.28

Great for travel or home use, this pretty 7-piece Manicure Set with Stylish...

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