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Shower Caps

Shower caps are a smart, affordable and comfortable way to keep your hair dry and free of dust and other debris. Use them when soaking the bath, or in the shower when you need a quick clean-up but don't want to wash your hair. These fun and stylish caps provide just the right protection to keep your hairstyle dry and in place. Not just for bathing, shower caps can also be used with your favorite hair treatment system. They're perfect when you need to keep your hair fresh when dusting and cleaning, and are just what you need when dying your hair.

Cheetah Print Designer Shower Cap

Wholesale Cheetah Print Designer Shower Cap Price: $17.52

Perfect for any hairstyle, this Cheetah Print Designer Shower Cap features a fun...

Shower & Hair Care Caps Set

Wholesale Shower & Hair Care Caps Set Price: $36.43

Protect your hair-do or at least prevent it from getting wet with this 8-piece...

Microfiber Lined Shower Cap

Wholesale Microfiber Lined Shower Cap Price: $23.08

Protect your hair while showering with this Lined Shower Cap featuring a...

Shower Cap & Body Scrubber Set

Wholesale Shower Cap & Body Scrubber Set Price: $11.76

Great for everyday use and an ideal addition to a spa set or gift bag, this 3-...

Reusable Conditioner Hair Cap

Wholesale Reusable Conditioner Hair Cap Price: $27.78

Perfect for deep conditioning, this Reusable Conditioner Hair Cap leaves hair...

Shower Caps

Wholesale Shower Caps Price: $12.32

2 Pack Shower Caps Assorted Colors

Scrub-a-Dub Scuba Shower Cap

Wholesale Scrub-a-Dub Scuba Shower Cap Price: $15.28

Take showering to new depths with this fun Scrub-a-Dub Scuba Shower Cap featuring...

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